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Yet Affordable London Apartment + Room For A Short Or Long Term Stay

To find a cheap and chic apartment or room that is affordable does not mean it has

to be miles out of town. Now you can stay in a central area like London, close to

public transport, airports, local attractions, food outlets, parks and more.

With TLKCity Luxe, you're sorted.

Our central location in London means you have the ability to get out and walk to

most London attractions and in turn you save money and time. London is a big city

which offers the visitor a lot of options, you won't miss a thing with our central


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TLK City Luxe offers you a stay like no other!

London is a city of layers. Everyone has a different perspective and experience in London. It’s beautiful in its unpredictability. However, staying in a TLK City Luxe apartment during your visit guarantees predictable comfort at an affordable rate.

The Levels of London

Part of what makes London so appealing for a visit is its sheer diversity. A first time visitor will, no doubt, want to hit all the world-famous landmarks of central London. A ramble across Tower Bridge towards the Tower of London, a photo outside the gates of Buckingham Palace, shopping on the famous Oxford Street, tea at The Ritz, lunch in Harrods food hall, cocktails in the sky bar at The Shard, sync your watch with Big Ben or take in an ambient sunset on the Millennium Wheel. The list is endless. 

If you’re planning on staying in one of our TLK City Luxe apartments for an extended amount of time, then it’s a great opportunity to explore the deeper layers of London. Although TLK City Luxe apartment rental properties are available all across London, most of our available rooms are in South East London - around the Beckenham, Bromley and Orpington region of the city. 

This gives you excellent access to the central part of South East London, the Southbank, and Docklands. A short and pleasant 20-30 minute train ride from your TLK City Luxe apartments complex sees you in central London. 

East London is a place of contrasts and is the fastest growing and trendiest part of the city. From the eclectic and artsy nightlife of Shoreditch, Hoxton, Brick Lane, and Dalston - to the modern cityscape and accompanying high-end wine bars of Docklands. The East of London is an incredible mix. 

Hop across to the Southbank and enjoy riverside restaurants, Shakespeare Globe, the Borough food market and the panoramic views of Greenwich

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TLK City Luxe offers a home from home in London

So What is TLK City Luxe & why should you consider it for your choice of lodgings in London?

TLK City Luxe offer an array of high-spec studio apartments scattered across the capital. With a multitude of sizes and specs, we’re sure to have an apartment that meets your requirements. If you don’t fancy a full-blown hotel for your visit to London (which can become extremely pricey) and you haven’t found a good quality listing on some of the well-known short-term holiday letting sites - then never fear - TLK City Luxe has you covered.

Areas to stay: South East London

The TLK City Luxe apartment options are situation in the beautiful, vibrant and multicultural area of South East London. The region has undergone a great deal of redevelopment in recent years and the TLK City Luxe apartment studios are a perfect example of this.

We have several complexes out in Orpington and Beckenham (both close to Bromley). These areas offer a fantastic happy-medium of city life and countryside options. Head north and you can be in central London Victoria in under 30 mins. Head south and you can soon be out in the open expanse of Southern English countryside and onwards down to the coast and the channel crossing.

If you want to be more in the ‘’thick-of-it’’ and stay in a central London location then we also have the Queens Road Peckham apartment complex to choose from. With a base in Peckham, you are a hop, skip and a jump from the city district and other vibrant parts of the south bank.

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Luxury stay in London for business or pleasure.

London is one of the favourite destinations for tourists who come from all over the world.
The vibrant city attracts over 15 million visitors every year, offering great sites that are packed with entertainment, theatres, museums, multi-cultural restaurants, breathtaking views and just about everything you'd expect room a buzzing city. Not to mention the stunning architecture that include Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace, the majestic residence of Queen Elizabeth II.
If you're planning a luxury stay in London with some sightseeing in your itinerary, there is no better place to stay than the TLK City Luxe where luxury meets convenience.

TLK City Luxe has over 350 luxury places across London. Our newly renovated rooms offer luxury and comfort in the four corners of the capital, whether you're visiting London for business or pleasure.
Our accommodations and hospitality are designed to exceed our guests' expectations and help them experience London on a whole new level.  Most of our sites are well situated for visits to Central London attractions for guests who want to see the sites in the city and have a full experience of all that the great city of London has to offer.

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Best spots in London to watch the best sunset

If you have ever been to the UK, you will have definitely seen that it has some of the most spectacular sunsets. The sky turns into beautifully contrasting pink and purples, and the sun shines in scenic shades of gold and orange. Although, in a large metropolitan city like London, while it may seem impossible to find the perfect spot to watch the sunset with your significant other, we assure you it is not. Here are some of the best spots in London to watch picturesque sunsets:

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Luxury stay In London at TLK City Luxe

When visiting the cultural capital London, where you stay plays a big part of how you get to experience the city.

Life in London is fast paced, just like any other capital or metropolitan city, and being able to come home after a long day to your home away from home will determine your level of comfort.

At TLK City Luxe, we offer guests the opportunity to explore the city all while living in a comfortable accommodation. Guests can choose to stay in one of our many luxurious apartments located in some of the most sought after locations in London including

  • Beckenham,

  • Peckham Queens Road,

  • Fulham,

  • Orpington in Bromley

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Luxury properties to rent in London

With its beautiful historic sites, parks, nightclubs, restaurants and bars, the Culture capital London has something to offer for everyone’s tastes. Although, staying in London does not mean you need to stay in a small cooped up apartment.
At TLK City Luxe, we offer you the opportunity to stay in the best Luxury London apartments for working professionals or visiting tourists .

Whether you are looking for a short term or long term stay in London, TLK City Luxe offers Luxury London Apartments for your stay.

We offer Luxury apartments to rent in some of the most sought after areas of London such as Beckenham, Peckham, Fulham and Orpington.

With over 350 centrally located Luxury accommodations, TLK City Luxe offers a wide range of variety in properties.

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Luxury Properties to Rent in London

Staying and working in London provides a whole host of benefits, it’s home to some of the country’s best restaurants, it has great music, clubbing, and a vibrant art scene as well as attractive job prospects. But staying in the cultural capital of the UK doesn’t mean you have to slum it, at TLK City Luxe we offer great luxury apartments for professionals and Holiday makers in some of the most sought after areas of the capital and greater London locations.

We have luxury apartments to rent in several London locations including Beckenham, Peckham Queens Road, Fulham, and Orpington. All of our luxury apartments are located in scenic areas of London that offer great scenery as well as plenty of restaurants and bars on your doorstep. We have over 350 available rooms and apartments in London.

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