TLK Apartments & Hotel - Luxury Property Rental in London


Yet Affordable London Apartment + Room For A Short Or Long Term Stay

To find a cheap and chic apartment or room that is affordable does not mean it has

to be miles out of town. Now you can stay in a central area like London, close to

public transport, airports, local attractions, food outlets, parks and more.

With TLKCity Luxe, you're sorted.

Our central location in London means you have the ability to get out and walk to

most London attractions and in turn you save money and time. London is a big city

which offers the visitor a lot of options, you won't miss a thing with our central


Stunned by how much the prices for some accommodation can rise on the

weekend? With TLK City Luxe you don't have to. We offer great rates all week and

all year round.

Another thing to consider is the cost of entertainment, the cost of this can become

expensive while away from home. When choosing an apartment or room, choose one

that that provides you with basic in-room entertainment - you'll need a TV and great

channels to keep you entertained while indoors. As we all know about the famous British weather.

At TLK City Luxe each room has a flat screen TV with Freeview and we provide you with USB sockets to keep all of your portable devices fully charged, while you're connected to our free WiFi.

Speaking of WiFi, this is another thing to look for when booking an apartment or

room for a short or long term stay. When it's not free, it can get really expensive as

you're charged by the minute or hour in most places. TLK offers 100% FREE WiFi in

every room, to ensure you have a cost-free and comfortable stay.

Does the accommodation offer you a means to cut dining costs which can be

explosive when away from home? If it doesn't, then it's unlikely you'll be having an

'affordable' stay. In our apartments and rooms, we offer amenities that help you

make light meals or snacks throughout your stay. You will find things like

microwaves, kettles, toasters, single hobs, cutlery, bowls, plates, mugs, glasses,

pressing iron and ironing boards.

We meant business when we promised to help TLK City Luxe guests save money.